Welcome to SalmonellaBase

SalmonellaBase is an online database with the data required for the structural and functional studies of Salmonella. typhi drugable targets.

Salmonellosis is one of the most common and widely distributed food borne diseases caused by Salmonella serovars. Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi(S.Typhi) is the aetiological agent of typhoid fever, a serious invasive bacterial disease of human. The emergence of multi drug resistant strains has become a threatening public health problem with the record of affecting 21 million people worldwide and kills 200,000 every year. Targeting unique effectors of this pathogen can be considered as a powerful strategy for drug design against bacterial variations to drug resistance.

Over the past few decades the nucleotide and protein sequence data have been accumulated and are available in number of public databases. However, such databases are broad in scope and there is a gap for the small curated databases focusing on a particular organism or a type of data. As an effort to put all the data required for the analysis of drug targets in Salmonella we have designed this database. In this work we are identifying the target proteins which helps in the pathogenicity of the organism and predicting the structures.

The database will have the information on complete genome of the sequenced strains(16 strains), complete set of protein sequences of the respective strains, determined structures available, predicted protein structures, chemical pathways of the respective strains and other useful links.

SalmonellaBase works with the frontend PHP version 5.2 and the backend with MySQL version 5. The scripting language used is HTML and Javascript. The database will be available online with userfriendly search methods and graphical browsers.


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